Collaboration with International Nonprofits

Dynamic Champions of Sisterhood is USA based nonprofit which conducted   activities with girls in Janata Vasahat. They are as follows

  1. Agnipankh Academy

In an effort to develop leadership skills, increase confidence in girls from September 2016 ASHA has started Agnipankh Academy for girls in association with DCS wherein girls from community do research on various topics on internet and prepare lessons on research on tablets. The girls share the information they have gathered with girls in other communities.  Till date we have trained 13 girls who have reached to 316 girls in other communities like Tadiwalaroad, Bibvewadi, Nigdi, Vishrantwadi etc.

2. Book reading

ASHA try to develop reading interest in the girls with the help of different activities, Book reading club is one of the important activity conducted by ASHA. Since 2018, 4 international book reading clubs were conducted by ASHA with the help of Dynamic Champions of Sisterhood. Total 18 girls participated in book reading club and read books like Anne Frank’s Diary, Not without my daughter, Little Woman and I am Malala.

ASHA has always tried to achieve allover development of girls wherein Limitless Child has supported ASHA with innovative and creative ideas. ASHAis associated with Limitless Child International from November 2016. From 2016 to 2020 three main projects were held mainly soccer, science activities as well as gully lab project.

3. Soccer

From 2016 to 2019, 3 soccer camps were held. The main objective of this program was to help girls explore and increase interest in sports along with their studies and to help them explore their careers opportunities from it. In all 48 girls participated in soccer camps. Through these camps girls were given exposure to soccer and they were trained in basic soccer techniques by peer group from Limitless child USA. Girls also watched live soccer match at Balewadi stadium thrice which gave them exposure to professional play. 

Through these soccer camps three girls went ahead and played interclub soccer matches. In all, girls played 5 inter club matches and won 3 matches.

In 2018 one girl participated for under 14 district selections. She was selected in district team of soccer. 

4. Maker’s Auto

Maker’s Auto is Mumbai based NGO who teaches science through various activities to children in communities. They use waste material to prepare new things. Makers Auto conducted few workshops for girls through which girls learned basic principles of science, made solar models like solar mobile charger, solar street lamp, solar Car, solar Fan. Girls also visited Vigyanshram at Pabal. It is a different type of school where students can learn much more than regular syllabus through scientific experiments. Girls visited screen printing workshop and learnt screen printing and printed jute bags with club logo ‘Movement of thinking’. It was a different type of experience for students; they also got an opportunity to do it themselves.

5. Gully Lab

In continuation with the learning from Maker’s Auto activity a new project was initiated named Gully Lab from December 2019. Ten girls participated in this project. During this project girls learnt composting, Katthak Dance form and Drawing technique.

It was an enriching experience for girls; it helped girls to think of many creative things. It helped for allover development of girls.

During composting activity girls visited an urban farm for practical knowledge. After that girls made compost using kitchen waste, planted some plants, took care of them. It was one of the most useful activities.

 In Katthak activity of Gully Lab the girls have been introduced to Indian classical dance form Katthak and saw a live Katthak performance. Girls practiced it regularly.

Under the basic drawing techniques activity of Gully Lab girls learned object drawing, abstract painting, water color and oil painting, doodle art using lines or dots.  The sessions for drawing techniques were conducted online due to COVID 19 pandemic.

Since 2016 ASHA has been connected with Limitless Child because of many interesting projects. It’s been an amazing journey. It helped in allover development of girls. The outcome of this project was three athletes and many promising young women. Girls enjoyed all activities and learned a lot. Girls have started thinking about arts and sports as one of the career opportunities. 

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