Access Life Foundation Volunteering Activity

Access Life Foundation is NGO working in Mumbai, Pune, Manipal and Chandigarh. They provide temporary free shelter to children who are taking treatment for cancer in Pune along with their parents. They provide free accommodation, grocery, transportation to hospital to the children who come to
metro cities from villages for cancer treatment. Their Pune center is in Kalyaninagar where 10 children can live with their parents for duration of 3 to 6 months while their chemotherapy is going on. The children in Pune center go to Deenanath and Bharati hospital for chemotherapy.

In May and June 2023, 8 girls from ASHA’s group spent time with children’s at Access Life Foundation. They taught them few art and craft activities, basic maths studies, identification of colors, fruits, told them one story using puppets and taught origami to them. It was quite enriching experience for girls where they learnt happiness in giving back to society. They are willing to continue such activities in future.